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LEPIN is a Chinese bricks and blocks brand based in the GuangDong province in Chenghai. The company behind LEPIN is MZ Model, which is also responsible for XingBao sets. LEPIN focusses on releasing knock-off and replica sets, but also some original products. Remarkable is that some of these original products are sets from kickstarter platforms, sets that were not successfully funded through this .


BELA is another large bricks brand from Malaysia with sets in several categories with a brick quality that varies between average to quite good. and low prices. BELA has sets in categories like Chima, City, Fairy, Friends, Minecraft, Ninja Turles, Ninyago, Scooby Doo, Super Heroes and Star Wars. Associated with Jie Le Bao, Jielebao, JLB in some toy categories. Sets have really good prices. They call their City KO’s “Urban”, and also offer minifigures (minifigs). Instruction quality is normal, some manuals have weird and some unclear colours.

Sheng Yuan

Sheng Yuan or SY is a Malaysian brand, producing samen models and sets as competitors LELE, BELA and LEPIN. Their quality is good and prices are cheap.


Decool Toys is a bricks and blocks manufacturor from Malaysia. Their focus is delevering compatible sets to the market, which results in several unique but also some bootleg sets. The bricks brand SY is Decool’s little brother. Decool is cheaper than LEPIN, and their quality is one of the best in the market.
Decool is best known for Super Heroes vehicles and minifigures – particularly Batman. Decool had released the Bat Tumbler, UCS Batmobile, and other “Bat” vehicles.


LELE is producing sets on a very large scale. LELE is originated also from China and their prices are also very low. Other sites question their quality, but LELE’s quality is improving a lot since these reviews originate from the beginning of 2015.


WINNER is a “brand” of the big Malaysian manufacturer BELA and offers mainly military sets. The quality is the same as with Bela so in principle very good. WINNER building blocks can be combined with other building blocks.


XingBao (Xing Bao or XB) is a toy manufacturer from the same owner as LEPIN; MZ Model. The bricks have identical quality but differ in set designs. All designs of XingBao are MOC’s.


KAZI bricks is one of the most well known brick manufacturer from China. They are also really cheap and thus more affordable than other brands. Apart from its price difference, their sets also really differ from competitors so you can’t call KAZI fake or a rip-off ;-).  A really positive thing of KAZI is that they fill in the void others does not do; militairy! They offer a lot of WWII (World War 2) sets with german and allied forces. Since militairy sets are really unique, KAZI is mostly known for this brick category. About the quality of KAZI, they seem to be focussing on high quality and original designs. The studs are printed with the KAZI logo, and seem really similair to others. The clutch is good, and KAZI is definitely one of the more better alternatives.


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