Value For Money Combination 4LOTS Brick Bank &Town Hall &Restaurant &Detective's--Lepin Blocks Lepin Bricks Collection

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Modular Buildings Toys Collection-Brick Bank &Town Hall &Parisian Restaurant&Detective's Office

Collect and build an entire town

Value-for-money Package  

A.Brick Bank

  • Secretary Office functions of the clock on the wall, desk, typewriter, and opened the drawer of the Cabinet, fireplace and an espresso machine, the Bank Manager's Office with large desk, the banker's lamp, approved stamp, printed leather chairs, portraits and Cabinet
  • Banks function pattern flooring, chandeliers, copper oxide colored skylight, trading desk with hidden alarm button and safety glass atrium lobby and bank vault and safe-deposit box and a big round door
  • 2413 pieces total

B.Town Hall

  • Function of painting, sculptures, lamps, desks, chairs, conference tables, globe, plant operation and bench lifts, 2 people and a ladder to get into a rooftop Bell Tower features benches and roof maintenance ladder feature skylights and views of space within the building, address citizens from a balcony.
  • 2859 pieces total

C.Parisian Restaurant

  • Includes 5 minifigures: cooks, waiters, girls and romantic couple; the second floor apartment features drop down menu, kitchen, a fireplace and the kitchen features blue and white of the tiles, kitchen units, a large and varied tools also include a mouse and 2 clams top features revealing with heaters, easels, brushes, palettes, and works of artists ' studios open roof
  • 2418 pieces total

D.Detective's Office

  • Function pool hall, and barber shop, and Detective of Office, and bathroom, and kitchen, and towers and cat detective Office function table, and various of clues, and brick built lamp, and file cabinet, and fan, and safe, and painting, and newspaper, menu, wanted poster and Wall lamp pool hall has hinged, and can rotating of ceiling fan, and billiards table, and printing of darts, and billiards rod, and hit ball and barber shop of drinking glass cup function has never no see had scissors, reflection mirror elements 2 Wall lamp, and barber shop of Chair, and hinge of Cabinet, and 2 models head and broom
  • 2262 pieces total
  • Material: ABS plastic/non-toxic/High quality
  • Brand New in Sealed Packets Without Box,Instructions booklet and stickers Sheet included. 
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