Xiaomi Robot building Block Mi Bunny Intelligent Robot Bluetooth Mobile Remote Control 978 Spare Parts Self-balance System

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  • Stimulate Creativity

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot is an interactive building block robotics kit that empowers children/teenagers to create and program their own robots. With 978 accessories, you can make anything you can imagine.

  • Smart APP Control

You can control the Bunny Intelligent Building blocks Robot through app. Three kinds of remote control mode: Joystick, Gyro and GPS Mode, simple and easy to use, full of fun, make variety of ways to control the robot possible.

  • Modular Graphics Programming

Xiaomi Building blocks robot rabbit unique graphical programming model, originally specialized, complex command code graphical,modular,with the fun pass through the game tutorial style,easy to learn, explore full of fun.

  • Durable and Safe

Mi Bunny is made from environmentally friendly material that are durable and safe for children.

Mi Burry Building blocks Robot 

978 accessories,enjoy hands-on fun

self-balancing Sytem/ Smart Remote Control/ Modular grogramming

Intelligent Robot Automatic balance itself 

The Mitu Robot has it's own processor like smartphone. It even has exclusive operating system which make the action executing more perfect. Like

 No.9 balance car. Mitu Robot inverted pendulum model not only automatic balance itself but also can load 3kg weight to walk. The master control is equipped with 4 usd type c ports, which can not only recharge the robot but also can drive other expansion devices.

Large horsepower motor High precision direction control

xiaomi Blocks Robot is equiooed with two powerful carbon brush motor, which speed is up to 133 RPM, and its rotary rorque can reach 24N/cm. The built-in photoelectric coder can judge accurately the speed and direction of the roboot. The output shaft can be accurately controlled to "1". When the motor is stalled, it can trigger the protection mode automatically, preventing burning due to overcurrent.

Three Kinds of Remote control mode, commend your phone's big toys.

You can control the bunny intelligent Building blocks Robot through app. The Three Kinds of Remote control mode, simple and easy to use, full of fun, make variety of ways to control the robot possible.

Modular graphics programing, to the big toy a little smarter

Let robot dance? Or let robot make a pose? With Mi bunny building blocks robot unique graphical programming mode, originally specialized, complex command code graphical, modular,interesting game tutorical style, easy to learn. You can enjoy full of fun.


General Brand: XIAOMI
Model: MITU
Quantity:1 Piece
Build Structure Mode: building blocks
Soc CPU: STM32
Frequency: up to 72 MHz
Processing rate: 32 bite


Capacity/Type: 32 MB Flash
Extended Storage: Not support
Communication Bluetooth transmission: support
2.4G wireless: support (connect the sensor)
Wireless Wi-Fi: Support Type-C expansion of Wi-Fi adapters
Power Power supply: 1700 mAh lithium battery
Charging adapter: 12V/5V output,intelligent identification
Motor Servo Motor(2PCS)
Sensor Interface Expansion Sensor: Support
Wireless Extension Sensor: Support
Gyro sensor: built-in master
Infrared sensor: external(not including)
Ultrasonic sensors: external(not including)
Color sensor: external(not included)
Programmable RGB true light: support
Package Contents 1*Mitu Robot